My prayers are with the victims and families of this psychopath in Colorado right now. I was hoping to write a quick review of The Dark Knight Rises today for those who are interested but I’ll just say that I liked the film, it was a good movie. But as I am looking at news coverage of this nightmare, I am moved to comment about the irresponsibility of people in the press and those commenting about the chaos in a manner that somehow blames a movie.

Listen. Batman didn’t instigate this. Batman movies, Warner Brothers, or anyone involved with comics didn’t instigate this. This was the act of a lunatic who somehow felt he was entitled to commit mass murder. I’m reading where he allegedly called himself the Joker. Nonsense, this guy is trying to project his own motivations onto a comic book property. If a person chooses to become a homicidal maniac, it is because they themselves have justified in their selfish mind why they should. So if you want to go see The Dark Knight Rises, go ahead and do it. As a matter of fact, it is the best way you can fight against lunatics like this wretch in Colorado, you go and live your life like you would always normally live your life. These types of mad men only have the power over you that you give to them.

Violence in movies does not instigate violence anymore than fairies in bedtime story books instigate people flinging pixie dust. Sick minds who have been brought up irresponsibly will do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it. Blaming an art form is lazy and irresponsible.