I’ve loaded up the queue with comics from here until August and I will be adding more as I find them. I have been determined to make this a complete repository of all the Perry Penguin comics I can find. Once I have all the old ones loaded, I will start drawing new comics and I’ve been tearing at the bit with some ideas. Yes they will be political and yes they will be politically incorrect and above all they will be funny! Please come back daily, there are no ads and it’s free to read, what more could you want?

And now for a diversion into movie land:

Sooooo The Dark Knight Rises comes out at midnight tonight! I will definitely be parked in my favorite local theater’s comfy leather seat to take this one in. Batman has always been my favorite superhero and The Dark Knight was probably my second favorite movie of all time. I will duly report on these pages my thoughts for tomorrow morning. You can also follow me on Twitter @Vindibudd and @Perry_Penguin.